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History of Sneakers

skechers sneakers

Have you worn sneakers all your yourlife? The comfort, style, and functionality they bring you are incomparable. Sneakers come in various shapes, colors, and names, such as tennis shoes, trainers, running shoes, or plimsolls. Sneakers are generally known as athletic shoes. They enable you to perform your activities easier and make a fashion statement without even trying. Many people complete their wardrobe with different types of athletic shoes. This makes the iconic footwear very valuable. Because of this, it is important for those who love the sneaker, to know its humble beginnings.

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Travelling light with Merrell

merrell barrado travel in comfort

Thinking about an active holiday? Merrell shoes will be one of your best companions or at least your feet will think so. With a range that can take you from every day city to active country exploration. There’s nothing worse than dragging too may shoes around with you, I know my back doesn’t appreciate it one bit when carrying luggage that’s too heavy. That’s why I like to pack Merrell, with limited baggage I can do just about anything and look right for the occasion too, not mention doing it in comfort.

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Birkenstock Photo Competition

It’s competition time!

Have you ever sit back and wonder ‘Where do your Birkenstocks take you?’

We all live in our Birkenstocks, but wouldn’t it be nice to show them off to the world?

Well this is your chance, because you can win a $1000 Gift Card at Bstore just by submitting your photo with your beloved Birkies!


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Birkenstock Regular or Narrow

A shoe should always fit snug, whether it is regular fit shoes or narrow fit shoes. As a smart consumer, you should always make an effort to find the right shoe. The size of your shoe depends on what brand you want. European and American shoe sizing can often be challenging! If you have no idea about European or American shoe sizes, you might go home with a shoe that does not fit well. You should ask a customer service person if the shoes follow either European or American sizing, keeping in mind US sizing is the same as our very own Australian sizing. That way, you can have an accurate choice before you make the purchase.

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Check Out Our Favourite Winter Boots

Arcopedico L8

Winter is an important time to protect your feet. The wet and cold can cause sores, blisters, even frostbite! A good pair of shoes like the Arcopedico L8 Lytech Boots can be the difference between having warm and cosy feet, to cold and clammy toes. You'll also need to ensure that your feet are covered properly during the winter months.

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Finding the Perfect Shoe that Fits

how to fit your shoes

Finding the right fitting shoes can take a long time. Comfort and optimal foot health should always come first when shoe shopping. Not only is finding the right shoes more comfortable for day to day wear, but whether or not you know if, you have the added benefit of preventing a number of medical issues such as vascular disorders, arthritis, and foot disorders.

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Our favourite fashion boots for winter

miz mooz ninette boots

Picking the right pair of ladies boots is important when you are dealing with wet cold weather. You want to make sure that the boots can handle being rained on, and you can splash through puddles. You also want to make sure that the shoes are going to help you safely walk on slippery surfaces.

If the wet weather in your area tends to be cold as well as wet, consider lined boots that will help protect your feet from being cold and wet. If your weather is typically warm and humid, consider boots that allow your feet to breath while still protecting them.

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EMU AW2015

I can hear your feet now just quivering at the thought of cold morning floors and winter chills. Some of us even experience our toes going white and we know it’s time for a pair of warm cosy wool slippers or boots. I can’t think of anything better than wearing my Emu wool slippers, I even find myself thinking about them while I’m driving home, my feet sliding into my favourite Sheepskin Scuffs like the Emu Eden Slippers at the end of the day.

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