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Archives for March 2015

Three Bstore Brands With Real Style

El Naturalista Shoes

Do you think wearing comfy, supportive shoes that are great for your feet means giving up fashion for good, or least compromising on style? Think again, and try these three Bstore brands with real style on for size. All three of these featured brands bring you the best of both worlds: shoes that look as great as they feel on your feet!


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The Importance of Gait

Gait is the way we move across land. From a penguin’s wobble to the fluid movements of a cheetah to a person’s stride, it is the pattern of movement that propels us forward. If it walks like a duck, it probably IS a duck—unless it's a person with an unstable gait!

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Australian Brands at Bstore

Bstore carries shoe brands from all over the world, but we ourselves are a proud Australian company. Since most of our customers are Australian, too, we'd be remiss if we didn't feature the best Australian shoes for happy feet!

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Follow Us on Social Media!

Bstore is making tracks all across social media, creating smiling feet everywhere we go! You can find us on all your favourite social media sites, so follow us, like us and subscribe to keep up-to-date on Bstore news, products, fashions and reviews!

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The Story of Florsheim Shoes

Some shoes are destined to be modern classics—Fitflops, Keens and Miz Mooz shoes all come to mind—and then there are shoes that are bonafide classics, like Florsheim shoes. A staple in every well-dressed man’s wardrobe since 1892, Florsheim shoes are an indubitable tradition, surviving and thriving to outlast footwear trends that come and go. What makes Florsheim shoes such a tradition? The clues are in the Florsheim story...

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Feet Are the Foundation of Good Health

How often do you think about your feet? Seriously. Do you ever consider just how much your poor, overworked feet are doing for you? Probably not, at least until they begin to ache. But your feet are not the only body part that suffers when you neglect them. If you suffer from leg, knee, hip or back pain, there’s a good chance your shoe choice may be at least partly to blame. Your feet are the foundation of good health, and when you mistreat them, you can expect to feel it all over.

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Uncomfortable Shoes Are History

From the dawn of civilisation, the image of an ideal woman has often been accompanied by the most troublesome of accessories: the uncomfortable shoe! From foot binding in ancient China to Venetian platform chopine shoes to twentieth century stilettos, women have long been plagued by the idea that they have to sacrifice healthy and comfortable feet for the sake of fashion.

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The Story of Crocs and Croslite

Some shoes are just destined to become legendary: Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneaker, the Birkenstock Arizona sandal and the Crocs clog.

That’s right—we just mentioned the upstart Crocs clog in the same breath as iconic shoe brands like Birkenstock and Converse, and we meant it. No matter how you feel about Crocs’ quirky footwear, they’re here to stay. You can’t deny that a shoe company that has sold over 200 million pairs of shoes in 90 countries in less thanabout twenty years is onto something.* Nor will you be able to resist the allure of the Croc once you’ve given them a try.

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