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Finding the right shoes for common foot problems

Foot issue - Plantar Fasciitis

Did you know Plantar Fasciitis is quite common in people of all ages and foot types. The symptoms of Planter Fasciitis are typically first thing in the morning or when you step up and your heel hurts badly. Essentially it is a result of inflammation and strain of the plantar fascial band where it inserts into the heel bone.

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The Merrell Magic isn’t a Myth

Merrell shoe tech

I’m sure you have at some point wondered: What’s so great about Merrell? We all know them as the famous outdoor shoe brand, but there must be so much more behind their technologies that makes people who wear them swear by them.   

Let’s unveil some of these amazing technologies in plain English and find out what it means for your feet’s health.

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A kick-ass solution to summer festivities!

Summer festive shoes

It’s the time of year when summer parties and longer daylight hours, means you are walking or standing on your feet for long periods of time. If you’re feeling your eyeballs getting weary it might be caused by your feet! If they are tired you can be sure they will be passing that weariness up the chain. That’s why we are sharing the best brands that have made the cut, from comfy to impossibly chic that will have you kicking up a storm all summer long. Not many people have heard of Paula Urban on our side of the globe, but in Spain they have a huge following and for good reason...

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FitFlop - What's all the Fuss?

FitFlop Cha Cha FlamePrior to my FitFlop days, I used to think it was a bit over the top to call them ‘caffeine for your feet’. I always wondered how people could be so wholeheartedly and almost ‘religiously’ into a shoe brand. (Maybe I was being a bit harsh because my feet practically live in the shoe heaven here at Bstore.)

But now I finally get it, once you get addicted to the FitFlop feeling, there’s no go back. 

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Taos Shoes - Self-indulgent Comfort!

Taos prize sandals

When I think summer I think of sandals and wedge shoes, comfort is important when you are on your feet for longer periods of the day and night! My feet are not what they used to be, I could dance all night long in a pair of stilettos when I was twenty, now I need the help of well-designed shoes with comfort technology or I won’t make past lunchtime.

The Technical inner workings of brands like Taos means your feet will not only get through long days but they will sigh with GLEE at the end of the night.

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Forget boot camp Spring is the new thing!

Bstore Spring Season Shoes

Getting that “spring in your step” doesn’t have to be hard, I personally love this time of year, getting out and about with the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair and gearing up for a busy social calendar. If you find yourself rushing from one errand to another you will need shoes that are designed to fit in with your life providing that all needed comfort and spring sensation!

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Which Hunter Boots are right for me?

Bstore Blog - Choosing Hunter BootsHunter Wellies have been around for decades and their timeless style never ceases to amaze generations of fashionista all over the world.

Thinking of investing in one of the most versatile fashion staples of all time? Get started right here to find out which Hunter designs will suit you best!

Choosing and buying the right pair of Hunter Boots without trying them on can be a little tricky. Not only have you needed to be conscious of your foot length, but the boots’ calf size, knee size and height are also factors to consider.


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Holiday packing tips for shoes

Getting the right mix of shoes when on holiday without taking up your whole suitcase or throwing your luggage over the weight threshold can be a fine balancing act. After years travelling for work and enjoying some pretty great holidays too, the one thing I spend time thinking about when packing are my shoes.

Too many will break my back and too few will leave me annoyed I can’t participate in all the activities that might present themselves. Using these simple techniques and asking yourself these questions before you pack will allow for stress free travelling…

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Signs you need to replace your shoes

Shoe ReplacementFrom leg-lengthening high heels to comfortable, supportive running shoes, no one likes parting with a pair of shoes. However, if you continue wearing footwear that has outlived its usefulness, you could end up with foot pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis. Of course, there’s no real expiration date on shoes, making it difficult to decide when it’s time to discard them. From women’s footwear favourites to men’s footwear choices, the following tips will help you figure out when it’s time to replace an old pair of shoes.

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Finding and Wearing Comfortable Shoes

The perfect fit


Wearing comfortable shoes, at work, when walking, or at home is important to ensuring that not only your feet but also your entire body is kept health and pain free.

Most people don’t realise just how important it is to have footwear that is comfortable and properly fits their feet!I’m sure we’re all guilty of picking cute, but ill-fitting shoes because they are stylish! We then try to keep wearing them despite blisters, hoping they will eventually mould, but unfortunately these little aches and pains can actually end up causing more disasters down the track.

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History of Sneakers

skechers sneakers

Have you worn sneakers all your yourlife? The comfort, style, and functionality they bring you are incomparable. Sneakers come in various shapes, colors, and names, such as tennis shoes, trainers, running shoes, or plimsolls. Sneakers are generally known as athletic shoes. They enable you to perform your activities easier and make a fashion statement without even trying. Many people complete their wardrobe with different types of athletic shoes. This makes the iconic footwear very valuable. Because of this, it is important for those who love the sneaker, to know its humble beginnings.

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Travelling light with Merrell

merrell barrado travel in comfort

Thinking about an active holiday? Merrell shoes will be one of your best companions or at least your feet will think so. With a range that can take you from every day city to active country exploration. There’s nothing worse than dragging too may shoes around with you, I know my back doesn’t appreciate it one bit when carrying luggage that’s too heavy. That’s why I like to pack Merrell, with limited baggage I can do just about anything and look right for the occasion too, not mention doing it in comfort.

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Birkenstock Photo Competition

It’s competition time!

Have you ever sit back and wonder ‘Where do your Birkenstocks take you?’

We all live in our Birkenstocks, but wouldn’t it be nice to show them off to the world?

Well this is your chance, because you can win a $1000 Gift Card at Bstore just by submitting your photo with your beloved Birkies!


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Birkenstock Regular or Narrow

A shoe should always fit snug, whether it is regular fit shoes or narrow fit shoes. As a smart consumer, you should always make an effort to find the right shoe. The size of your shoe depends on what brand you want. European and American shoe sizing can often be challenging! If you have no idea about European or American shoe sizes, you might go home with a shoe that does not fit well. You should ask a customer service person if the shoes follow either European or American sizing, keeping in mind US sizing is the same as our very own Australian sizing. That way, you can have an accurate choice before you make the purchase.

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Check Out Our Favourite Winter Boots

Arcopedico L8

Winter is an important time to protect your feet. The wet and cold can cause sores, blisters, even frostbite! A good pair of shoes like the Arcopedico L8 Lytech Boots can be the difference between having warm and cosy feet, to cold and clammy toes. You'll also need to ensure that your feet are covered properly during the winter months.

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Finding the Perfect Shoe that Fits

how to fit your shoes

Finding the right fitting shoes can take a long time. Comfort and optimal foot health should always come first when shoe shopping. Not only is finding the right shoes more comfortable for day to day wear, but whether or not you know if, you have the added benefit of preventing a number of medical issues such as vascular disorders, arthritis, and foot disorders.

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Our favourite fashion boots for winter

miz mooz ninette boots

Picking the right pair of ladies boots is important when you are dealing with wet cold weather. You want to make sure that the boots can handle being rained on, and you can splash through puddles. You also want to make sure that the shoes are going to help you safely walk on slippery surfaces.

If the wet weather in your area tends to be cold as well as wet, consider lined boots that will help protect your feet from being cold and wet. If your weather is typically warm and humid, consider boots that allow your feet to breath while still protecting them.

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EMU AW2015

I can hear your feet now just quivering at the thought of cold morning floors and winter chills. Some of us even experience our toes going white and we know it’s time for a pair of warm cosy wool slippers or boots. I can’t think of anything better than wearing my Emu wool slippers, I even find myself thinking about them while I’m driving home, my feet sliding into my favourite Sheepskin Scuffs like the Emu Eden Slippers at the end of the day.

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Top Picks For Autumn in the City

Miz Mooz Ankle Boots AW2015


Autumn is the cosiest season; everything seems softer, warmer and richer. Chilly mornings and foggy days make it a pleasure to wrap up a little more, but they also mean it's time to put away the sandals you’ve lived in all summer. Dressing for the cooler weather can be tricky. You have as much chance of a misty, dark day as one of brilliant sunshine, and while some people are lighting the fireplace for the first time, others are still sweltering. There's rain, and there’s wind that shakes the leaves off the trees and sends them skipping along the pavement. You'll need a good selection of autumn shoes to help you navigate around puddles and take you from warm days to cooler nights.



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We Connect People With the Right Shoes

Bstore for BirkenstockAny shoe store can sell you a pair of shoes. At BStore, we’re in the business of selling you shoes you will love. It’s a big difference, and one you’ll feel when you buy your first pair of shoes from us. We’re all about helping you find the perfect pair of shoes for you: shoes that fit your lifestyle and your own personal style. So kick off your uncomfortable, unsupportive, or just plain ugly shoes and get ready to be connected with the right shoes for your life!

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Three Bstore Brands With Real Style

El Naturalista Shoes

Do you think wearing comfy, supportive shoes that are great for your feet means giving up fashion for good, or least compromising on style? Think again, and try these three Bstore brands with real style on for size. All three of these featured brands bring you the best of both worlds: shoes that look as great as they feel on your feet!


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The Importance of Gait

Gait is the way we move across land. From a penguin’s wobble to the fluid movements of a cheetah to a person’s stride, it is the pattern of movement that propels us forward. If it walks like a duck, it probably IS a duck—unless it's a person with an unstable gait!

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Australian Brands at Bstore

Bstore carries shoe brands from all over the world, but we ourselves are a proud Australian company. Since most of our customers are Australian, too, we'd be remiss if we didn't feature the best Australian shoes for happy feet!

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Follow Us on Social Media!

Bstore is making tracks all across social media, creating smiling feet everywhere we go! You can find us on all your favourite social media sites, so follow us, like us and subscribe to keep up-to-date on Bstore news, products, fashions and reviews!

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The Story of Florsheim Shoes

Some shoes are destined to be modern classics—Fitflops, Keens and Miz Mooz shoes all come to mind—and then there are shoes that are bonafide classics, like Florsheim shoes. A staple in every well-dressed man’s wardrobe since 1892, Florsheim shoes are an indubitable tradition, surviving and thriving to outlast footwear trends that come and go. What makes Florsheim shoes such a tradition? The clues are in the Florsheim story...

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Feet Are the Foundation of Good Health

How often do you think about your feet? Seriously. Do you ever consider just how much your poor, overworked feet are doing for you? Probably not, at least until they begin to ache. But your feet are not the only body part that suffers when you neglect them. If you suffer from leg, knee, hip or back pain, there’s a good chance your shoe choice may be at least partly to blame. Your feet are the foundation of good health, and when you mistreat them, you can expect to feel it all over.

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Uncomfortable Shoes Are History

From the dawn of civilisation, the image of an ideal woman has often been accompanied by the most troublesome of accessories: the uncomfortable shoe! From foot binding in ancient China to Venetian platform chopine shoes to twentieth century stilettos, women have long been plagued by the idea that they have to sacrifice healthy and comfortable feet for the sake of fashion.

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The Story of Crocs and Croslite

Some shoes are just destined to become legendary: Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneaker, the Birkenstock Arizona sandal and the Crocs clog.

That’s right—we just mentioned the upstart Crocs clog in the same breath as iconic shoe brands like Birkenstock and Converse, and we meant it. No matter how you feel about Crocs’ quirky footwear, they’re here to stay. You can’t deny that a shoe company that has sold over 200 million pairs of shoes in 90 countries in less thanabout twenty years is onto something.* Nor will you be able to resist the allure of the Croc once you’ve given them a try.

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Our Orthotic-Friendly Shoes

Arcopedico Shoes

There are a lot of things that can cause foot pain. Some are serious medical issues, but many are simply caused by going about activities in our daily lives in the wrong kinds of shoes. Foot problems can affect the proper functioning of other parts of the body, as well. Choosing the right shoes can help you stomp out common foot and walking problems. Prior to any expensive treatments, why not see if a good orthotic-friendly shoe will help correct your issues?

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Australia’s Favourite Birkenstocks

Birkenstock’s popularity in Australia is exploding, and no wonder—it’s hard to find sandals that are more comfortable, healthy, classically attractive or long-wearing. The world-famous Birkenstock name lends itself to sandals and clogs, leather, suede and even vegan microfibre, with traditional styles and modern chic twists on the beloved Birkenstock silhouettes.

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Favourite Shoe Trends For Autumn 2015

Fashion magazines would have you believe that the most in-demand footwear for this autumn are the spike heels fashioned from nuts and bolts flaunted at Miu Miu’s show. They may look striking, but who wants to walk around all day with half a toolbox under their heel? It’s far better to look at the ways your favourite Bstore brands have incorporated the more subtle catwalk fads to create fabulous footwear for feel-good feet.

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What Are Hunter Gumboots Made of?

Hunter gumboots are a British classic boot that have gained a following worldwide. The creation and sale of Hunter Wellington Boots in Original Tour Green during both World Wars is really what made the company, and the fashion, an international favourite.

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A Men’s Guide To Feeling Great on the Beach

There’s much more to men’s beach sandals than waterproof and washable wonders, though it always helps to have a pair of Crocs or Terox sandals as a beachside back-up plan. Bstore’s men’s sandals offer you everything from lightweight thongs to keep in your desk or glove box for last-minute beach trips to beautiful Birkenstocks, funky FitFlop and even hiking sandals.

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What is an Orthotic?

If you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, arthritis or another condition that makes walking painful, you may have been told that an orthotic might reduce your pain, making walking less of a trial. Here’s the low-down on orthotics, and what they and specially designed shoes can do to help keep you on the move and loving your feet.

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Bstore's First Youtube Video!

Last Friday, we premiered our first ever video on Youtube and it’s helped us start 2015 on a very exciting note!

As the Birkenstock expert, our first video is obviously about why we love Birkenstocks, and why you should too!

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Walking on a Kloud

Whether you’re a Birkenstock belle, Merrell mad or a Fitflop fanatic, we all have our favourite brands that we return to again and again. The world would be a dull place if we all liked the same thing, and even duller if we never tried something new. So, as one of our regular blog posts about the exciting new brands available at Bstore, we’d like to introduce you to Klouds. Customers that have them love them, and it’s not hard to see why.

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Shop on the go!

At Bstore, we always try to think of ways to enhance your shopping experience; from ease of ordering on our website, fantastic customer service, simple exchanges/returns to speedy delivery.

One of the break-through developments in 2014 was the introduction of a mobile-optimised website, making shopping absolutely effortless from your phone or tablet.

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Safe Feet in the City

You’ve got shoes you wear to work, shoes you wear for running, shoes you wear for hiking, shoes you wear to the beach -- but when you’re going to spend time in town, do you think about which shoes are safest for the city?

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Sandals For Your Inner Beach Goddess

Beachside fun is always enhanced by wonderful looking—and wonderful feeling—feet. At Bstore, we have a great choice of summery sandals so you can bring out your inner beach goddess and flaunt your fun feet without feeling the pinch.

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Lightfeet: a High Tech Aussie Brand

Who better than podiatrists to know what your feet need in a shoe, and who better than Aussies to design a range of shoes that take you from the beach to the CBD in equal comfort? That’s what Lightfeet Footwear founders Graeme Simpson and Dan Thomas decided in 2001, when they began the Lightfeet company. 

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Shoes That Will Stay On Their Feet!

Solving the summer shoe dilemma for kids is a doddle with great choices from all your favourite Bstore brands, but one perennial issue is keeping summer shoes safe and secure on their feet. TV bloopers programmers would be extremely light without the familiar footage of flying thongs, slippery sliders and dubious jelly shoes causing spills and thrills.

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