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Archives for September 2014

Our Selection of Care Products

Investing in a great new pair of shoes feels fantastic when they first arrive box-fresh, but Bstore wants our customers to keep that new shoes feeling for as long as possible. That’s why our online store stocks a great selection of products specially designed to care for your new shoes and keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible.

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Fun New Shoes For Summer

What is that big, round ball of light in the sky? Ah, yes, here comes the sun and after the dark and dreary days of winter, Bstore is looking forward to bringing out the new season’s stock. Shopping online at Bstore means you get to see the latest footwear arrivals from all your favourite brands almost as soon as we get them in our Just Arrived section. Our site is updated with every shipment as they are received at Bstore HQ, and it’s great fun to browse the latest products and see what’s hot for the coming season. Here are some of Bstore’s summer picks from our favourite shoe brands.

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Workplace: Hospital

Professional Shoes

Hospital workers need shoes that can take everything that humanity can throw at them and then some. Most hospital staff work long hours, and a great deal of this is on their feet. Consequently, shoes for working in a healthcare environment need to be robust, durable and above all, comfortable.

Medical environments also pose special challenges. Hospital workers need shoes that are tough enough to withstand bodily fluids without staining and that are easy to clean and dry. Good traction on freshly cleaned floors is incredibly useful, particularly on surgical and emergency duty.

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Just Arrived: New Kids’ Shoes For Summer

Nothing puts a spring into your step quicker than a pair of box-fresh new shoes, and if your little one’s feet have outgrown last summer’s sandals, it’s time to update their summer wardrobe with the latest shoes from Bstore’s favourite brands. Summer stock has been arriving steadily over the last few weeks, so we have picked out our fun-packed favourites from the summery selections in our stores.

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On Sale: Some Great Kids Shoes For Summer

Summer is heading our way and with hot weather and bright skies. It’s time to tidy away the warm and woolly and bring out the shiny and summery. While adults may well be able to make their Birkenstocks last a few years, children’s ever-growing feet mean seasonal footwear changes usually involve a big outlay for parents. At Bstore, we’re committed to providing great value as well as great shoes, and there are some really nice children’s summer shoes on sale right now. Check the sizes and snap them up while you can, before the summer shoe-buying frenzy begins in earnest.

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