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Archives for May 2014

Choosing Shoes For Racquet Sports

With the tennis season in full swing and the French Open and Wimbledon just around the corner, public courts are packed with enthusiasts in pristine tennis whites, popping open jars of fresh, fluffy balls. Whether you’re a tip-top tennis payer, a badminton badass or the scourge of the squash courts, a new pair of squeaky clean shoes is always a joy.

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Verrucas: What They are and How To Avoid Them

Verrucas, or plantar warts, appear on the soles of your feet. They are caused by some strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV viruses affect the moist membranes and skin covering the human body and can cause warts almost anywhere, but particularly in areas where the skin is wet, soft or slightly damaged.

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Why Cheap Thongs are Cheap

A cloudy morning has turned into a gorgeous afternoon, you’ve made a last-minute decision to hit the pool or beach after work, and then you’re dazzled by the carousel of brightly-coloured and incredibly cheap flip flops in the seafront shop. At that price, they are a snip, and before you know it they have become your go-to footwear all summer long. Where’s the harm?

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Clog Dancing in Our Prettiest Clogs 

Clog dancing started in England and Wales in the fifteenth century and was commonly used to cure earthen floors in newly-constructed buildings. Later synonymous with the industrial revolution, you could argue that clog dancing was the first form of street dance, so synonymous was it with urban life at the dawn of the mechanical age.

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Rocking Sole or Moulded Sole?

BStore has long been the one-stop-shop for Australians who love their feet and love stylish shoes. For most customers, choosing between Fitflops and Birkenstocks is just a matter of taste, but for others their quest is all about comfort. Whether it’s muscular pain, joint problems or foot difficulties, BStore aims to offer a huge choice of shoes that feel as great as they look, but for some, the options can be slightly baffling.

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BStore Goes to the Ball

So, Cinders, you’ve got the invite to the hottest night in town but as a lover of comfort and style, what can you wear to keep your feet twinkling on the dance floor all night? Never fear, your BStore Godmother is here to tempt you with some show-stopping shoes without a shard of glass in sight.

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