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Archives for November 2014

Maximum Style For Maxi Dresses

The floor-length sweep of a maxi dress has become a summer style classic, particularly for anyone who wants to cover up and lessen the danger of sun damaged skin. Maxi length dresses and skirts were first revived in the ‘70s and have become a summer style staple, offering a smart and chic alternative to high hems once the weather heats up.

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The Magic of Mephistos

Mephistos are made for walking, and in a pair of these beautiful handcrafted shoes, that is precisely what you will most want to do. Mephisto emphasises comfort and quality above anything else, and their shoes are designed for people who want to be comfortable when they’re on their feet all day.

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Taos Footwear: Making an Impact

“Women shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort” runs Taos’s slogan, and Bstore couldn’t agree more. Taos are one of our favourite American shoe brands, thanks to their clever combination of beautiful detail, intricate styling and clever comfort features.

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Comfortable Shoes

Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, calluses and corns; the list of ailments caused by ill-fitting and impractical shoes is seemingly endless. Yet, increasingly, the shoes in the big-name stores seem to resemble complicated torture chambers rather than helping humanity to travel from A to B in comfort and style.

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Bstore Men’s Shoes For Dancing All Night

Men’s dancing shoes can be a bit of a minefield. The most comfortable option, a pair of runners, might not be as smart as you’d prefer, while ordinary formal shoes are probably too stiff and awkward for your dancing dreams. They may be easier to move around in than the high heels your partner is wearing, but they can be surprisingly uncomfortable. Never fear, Bstore is here to solve your footwear dilemmas so you can dance all night.

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Bstore Women’s Shoes For Dancing All Night

Nights on the town don’t have to mean agony for your Achilles or terror for your toes. Bstore has a great choice of shoes that look gorgeous on the dance floor but are comfortable enough to keep your toes twinkling into the wee small hours.  

Whether you’re on the hunt for vintage, urban or country cool, let Bstore guide you to some of our favourite shoes for a great night out dancing at a club, a wedding or anywhere there’s a good beat.

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