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Archives for October 2014

Sharp-Looking Birkenstocks?

Sharp, sophisticated fashion isn’t usually associated with Birkenstock sandals, but while they might work brilliantly on off-duty days, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix them up with some bolder and smarter looks, too. 

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Our Repair Policy

Australians throw away around 40 million pairs of shoes every year. That’s one pair of shoes every six months for everyone in the country. All those sandals, boots and shoes add up to around 13,000 tonnes of waste, much of which goes into landfills and puts pressure on our planet’s natural resources. 

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Sandals That Sparkle

Nothing looks better with an early summer  tan than shimmering sparkles against twinkling toes. Thankfully, Bstore’s favourite brands have come up with some real summer sizzlers that are positively festooned in sequins, glitter and glitz. So whether you’re looking for a bit of poolside chic for daytime or evening glamour, check out Bstore’s sparkly sandal favourites.

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7 Reasons Why A Bstore Voucher is the Perfect Gift

Everyone knows a shoe-a-holic, and Bstore vouchers make the ideal present for anyone who loves shoes and craves comfort. Whether you are buying a voucher for yourself to squirrel away for a rainy day or as a perfect gift for a loved one, Bstore’s vouchers make shopping simple and offer the recipient the gift of choice.

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The Fine Print: Our Privacy Policy

Whether you are bagging a new pair of Birkenstock, hunting for some new Hunter boots or finding some fresh FitFlop, Bstore is committed to protecting the privacy of all its customers.  

In order to shop online, there is a great deal of information a business like Bstore needs to fulfil its orders. Customer information such as name, address, email and telephone number is stored securely and dealt with confidentially. Placing an order with Bstore gives us permission to communicate with you via e-mail, telephone or in writing in regard to the order.

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Fabulous Looks With Flats For Spring

Spring’s catwalks offered some great footwear inspiration, even if the thought of high-fashion heels leaves you cold. For once, the flats on show were even more stylish and funky than the heels, offering fantastic style inspiration for your summer footwear wardrobe. Today, Bstore has a few tips for comfy shoes that are in line with the latest designer trends.

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Retire Your Boots For the Summer

It’s almost here! Summer’s finally almost here! Before you bring out your Birkenstocks, fit your new FitFlop or take out your favourite thongs, don’t forget about your snuggly winter boots. Time and energy invested now in getting your boots into perfect condition for storing away until next autumn will pay dividends when you open up a pristine pair of winter boots next year.

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Our Policy on Returns and Exchanges

Buying brilliant Birkenstocks and fantastic Fitflops FitFlop online with Bstore has never been easier. That’s because, as well as making it simple to shop from the widest range of comfortable and stylish shoes in Australia, we also offer a fair and transparent return and exchange service so our customers can buy with confidence.

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