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Archives for January 2014

How Your Birkenstocks Are Repaired

Your Birkenstocks are more than just a pair of shoes. They’re your loyal companions, the guardians of your foot health and your indispensable fashion accessory. The cork footbeds have moulded themselves to the shape of your feet and offer perfect support and unbeatable comfort. You can’t bear the thought of throwing them away, but they’re showing undeniable signs of wear, separating at the edges or wearing down on the undersides. What will you do?

Like a beloved member of the family who is experiencing health issues, your Birkenstocks need specialised care from those who understand how they’re put together and the conditions they’re vulnerable to. If you care about your Birkenstocks and want to keep wearing them in comfort, then opt for our offsite Birkenstock shoe repair service. It’s like taking your Birkenstocks to the shoe hospital. You can even send them a card if you want to. Just bring them in to BStore and we can arrange for transport and repair.

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How FitFlops Work

Regular flip-flops or thongs are notoriously bad for your feet. They offer no support, and if they’re worn for long periods of time, they can even cause soreness in the mid-foot and heel. They’re practical for the beach, and the beach look is always on-trend. However, cheap, flat flip-flops
are a flop for walking on concrete and for almost anything you can do in the city. On the beach, they’re sought after for their easy-on, easy-off casual vibe, but it’s probably a better idea to leave them off and put on a pair of FitFlops instead.

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New Miz Mooz, Retro Shoes

Here at BStore, we love all of our shoes. They are all comfortable, and they all help to keep feet comfy and happy. However, a lot of our shoes are… how can we put this positively? They are focused on function. They are hip, but not conventionally attractive. Much like some of the world’s best people, you only fall in love with their looks after you discover just how much they have to offer.

Our new line of Miz Mooz shoes aren’t like that. They’re retro beauty queens and steampunk heroines. They’re funky disco dancers from the 1970s and denizens of 1920s New York speakeasies. You’ll notice their good looks first. If you love any kind of retro or alternative fashion, you’ll be drawn to their sharp, timeless styling like a moth to a flame.

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Kick Up Your Heels With Birkenstock Colourmix

The Classic Birkenstock has a new look: Colourmix. Colourmix Birkenstocks are a fun new style for summer. They’re Classic Birkenstock sandals with brightly coloured treads.

The last few years have seen an exciting new trend take over on the runways and on the streets of all the most fashionable cities: colour blocking. We’ve been mixing bright, rich and intense colours in our trousers, our shirts, our frocks, our tights, our leggings, our socks and even our shoes and boots. We’ve been carrying multicoloured handbags, backpacks and laptop bags. Mixing colours looks fresh and fun, and it’s a trend that’s accelerating for summer.

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FitFlops-FitFlops for Summer

We’ve just received our summer shipment of FitFlopsFitFlops, and they’re beautiful. There’s a whole range of new styles, including closed-toe flats and sneakers for FitFlops-FitFlop fanatics who curse the fates every day because they can’t wear their FitFlops  thong sandals for every occasion. Yes, you CAN wear FitFlops FitFlops to work!.

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Birkenstocks Can Enhance Your Training

Most athletes are not going to wear their Birkenstocks during training - they are too floppy to run in! - but did you know that wearing them before and afterwards can help to optimise the recovery phase and move you forward faster than ever? Training is not just about exertion. In order for you to become stronger and improve your performance, your body needs to be constantly breaking down and rebuilding. Your work-out sessions challenge your capabilities, taking you to your limits and creating a demand for a better performing body. The recovery phase is when your body actually rebuilds itself to meet your needs.

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