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Archives for December 2013

Fashion Bloggers wearing Birkenstocks

I’m sure you have noticed: Birkenstocks are back! We’ve made a little overview of our favourite Fashion Bloggers wearing Birkenstocks and oh my, they have styled them great. Whether it’s the Gizeh thong style, the one strap Madrid or the two-strap Arizona; it’s all fashionable!

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Meet the Birkenstock Family

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, the differences are between classic Birkenstocks, Betulas, Birkis, Papillios, Footprints and Tatamis? Yes, they are all genuine Birkenstock shoes. They’re like a big, supportive family. Like the people in a family, they differ in where they were made, what they’re made out of, how they feel and whether or not they’re high maintenaince. Let’s get to know Papa Classic Birkenstock, Mama Betula and their children Birki, Papillio, Tatami and, ah, Footprints.

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The Secret of The Merrell Barefoot

Human beings have always run, we’ve always danced and we’ve always played games. However, we have not always had heavily padded athletic shoes to wear during those activities. In the eighties and nineties, almost everyone believed that highly engineered, well padded shoes offered the best performance and the least risk of injury for runners and other athletes. The Merrell Barefoot is based on a different assumption: the way we evolved to move - with bare feet - is still the best and healthiest way. 

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Birkenstock Gizeh- Take your look from Day to Night


Here at Bstore, we absolutely love the versatility of the Birkenstock Gizeh sandal. Whether you wear them during the day with shorts, a pair of jeans or more dressed up with a skirt or dress at night: anything is possible.

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Super Birki Vs. Profi Birki


Everyone knows Birkenstocks. The Birkenstock company invented the over 200-year-old German comfort insole that keeps your feet healthy and happy, whether you’re a carefree beachcomber or a professor with knee socks and Bermuda shorts. Classic Birkenstocks feature a cork footbed and leather straps. Birkenstocks are sometimes affectionately called “birkies” for short. In contrast, Birkis (no “e”) are a Birkenstock brand. They’re different from classic Birkenstocks because they use a greater variety of materials in their construction.

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