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Archives for November 2013

Keeping Your Hunter’s Wellies at Their Best

Hunter’s Wellingtons are your favourite boots. Whatever style of Wellingtons you own, you know that their sheer practicality is what matters the most. They are impervious to water, they’re lined on the inside, and the bottoms have fantastic traction. Your Hunter Wellies are hard working boots that can get you through almost anything the ground or the sky can dish out.

On the other hand, there’s no denying that part of the attraction of Hunter’s natural rubber Wellington boots is their appearance. Maybe your Hunters are brightly coloured or maybe they’re just plain green or black rubber. Whatever style you’ve chosen, you’ll want to keep your Hunters’ looking as good on the street as they perform in the mud.

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Applying Cork Seal to Birkenstocks

We always recommend that people who buy our Birkenstocks sandals also purchase some Bstore Cork Seal to keep your BIrkenstocks flexible and to help prevent deterioration of the cork. Cork Seal will keep your Birkenstocks looking and feeling their best.

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