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Hunter Boots - The Essential Winter Accessory

Winter is on the horizon. When it arrives, it brings wet, dreary, cold weather that can be unbearable to stand in for prolonged periods. This year instead of standing around a shivering in the cold or trekking through the mud and ruining your gold pair of sneakers, consider purchasing a pair of Hunter Boots.

Hunter Boots are the essential winter accessory that everyone should consider adding to their wardrobe. Whether you just go outside to run errands or you need to stand outside for prolong periods as you watch the kids playing weekend sports, a pair of Hunter Boots will keep your feet dry, nice and warm!

Wondering why Hunter Boots are a 'must have' this winter season? Here is a look at some of the amazing features found on these boots.

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The History of Hunter Boots

When looking for a strong, sturdy pair of boots only one brand comes to mind – Hunter Boots. For decades, Hunter Boot Ltd. has been creating and manufacturing rubber Wellington boots and other footwear.

While Hunter Boot is a name you all know and trust, not many of you know the history behind this brand. We decided to explore the unique history behind this iconic rubber Wellington boot brand and share it with you.

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Finding the right shoes for common foot problems

Foot issue - Plantar Fasciitis

Did you know Plantar Fasciitis is quite common in people of all ages and foot types. The symptoms of Planter Fasciitis are typically first thing in the morning or when you step up and your heel hurts badly. Essentially it is a result of inflammation and strain of the plantar fascial band where it inserts into the heel bone.

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The Merrell Magic isn’t a Myth

Merrell shoe tech

I’m sure you have at some point wondered: What’s so great about Merrell? We all know them as the famous outdoor shoe brand, but there must be so much more behind their technologies that makes people who wear them swear by them.   

Let’s unveil some of these amazing technologies in plain English and find out what it means for your feet’s health.

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